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Hi! I’m Andy – your friendly neighborhood window cleaner. That amazing girl in the picture is my wife, Kayla. Together, we are Creosote AZ.


Since graduating with my bachelor's in Psychology, I’ve had a long and intricate employment past, ranging from Loss Prevention agent to Rope Access Technician. In rope access, I found peace cleaning windows while hanging several hundred feet above the ground. Most people said I was crazy...and they were probably right. After a few years, I decided to strike out on my own – focusing on residential homes.


It’s the best.


Kayla stays as far away from the ladders as she can, but her comfort zone is in the business side of things – marketing, brand, and culture. With a bachelor’s in communication and a portfolio from her time at a local agency, she’s the CEO (Chief Everything Officer) of this operation.

Together, we are Creosote. Our heart is to bring a kind and refreshing atmosphere wherever we go. There's plenty of negativity in the world, and we doubt you want to bring any more into your home. We got you.

Andy Izard and Kayla Izard, founders of Creosote Window Cleaning.
So what's a Creosote anyway?

Creosote (Larrea Tridentatais a desert bush native to Arizona. The wax on its leaves creates that “Arizona rain smell” when there’s moisture in the air. We hope to be an equally refreshing experience for all our customers – just like rain to our beautiful state.

The Valley is our hometown. When you're loyal to a place, you're loyal to its people.
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