Blinds & Shutters

Who loves long afternoon dusting blinds? Pretty much no one (unless you're Monica from Friends).


And us. We love dusting blinds.

Lucky for you.

Not the blind cleaning the blinds.

You wanna know something about blinds? They have two sides. So why, I ask you, do most people only dust one side? Drives us nuts. We treat your home like it's ours, and take the time to dust both sides every time.


Also, we use a microfiber duster (not your grandmother's feather duster) to trap the dirt and take it home with us – not knock it on the floor for you to find later.  



We actually clean the backside of your blinds or shutters (shocker), so that's the first place we start. Microfiber all the way, baby.



As we're dusting, we take the extra time to get underneath those middle seams. I'm a little OCD. I can't leave it alone.



Sometimes a dusting just won't cut it. If needed, we can remove the blinds, and give them a good soap and water wash. 

Did I shutter?

"Andy was so nice and professional. He showed up right on time - and I am wowed by the results. I highly recommend Creosote."

– Kathy C.

"This is my second time using Creosote and I am so happy with the results.  My windows are sparkling. Andy did a thorough job with the screens, sills and miniblinds."

– Mary C.