So your windows need cleaning?

Well, wouldn't ya know it? That happens to be our specialty. 


We're on time every time, or it's an automatic 25% off your invoice. 


We have allergies. We're not subjecting ourselves or your family to the chemical crap.


Like, people keep calling us "Minnesota nice" – and we're AZ natives. But you know what? We ain't mad at it (because we're too darn friendly).


If you're tired of a hasty job half done...we're the one that you want

(ooo ooo ooo honey).

Let's refresh your outlook.

If you're ready, we'll walk you through the process. We're also happy to come out to your place for a personal bid – just call us at 480.369.3064. 

Let's walk through

the process.

1. Social distancing in mind, we offer two bid methods:


  • You can text pics or video of the outside of your house to Andy's cell – 480.861.2820

  • You can get a ballpark from our calculator and skip straight to step 3 (make sure to read the tool tips for counting so you get an accurate estimate). 

2. We'll get you a quote, and if it sounds good to you...we're off to the races.

3. Let's schedule your job. If you used the bid calculator, we'll get you the final cost day-of. Our promise to you: we'll be on-site on time for the job or it's an automatic 25% off your invoice.

4. Your windows are squeaky clean, and you just can't stop smiling. Our work here is done.

Get a ballpark.

FYI, we clean all your exposed tracks and window sills for free. 

Our project minimum is $100, so look for stuff you want done!


We also do special projects

(which we can price specifically for you). 480.861.2820


Solar Panel Cleaning


You paid a lot of money for that solar power, right? Are you going to let dirt stand between you and a lower power bill?Didn't think so. 


Bug Screen and Sun Screen Repair or New Builds

If you have sun damage or tears in your screens, we've got you there, too. We can even get you set up with brand new screens.


Gutter Cleaning 


Gutters bring the water away from your house. If they're clogged, good luck with that. We'll get the debris right out of there so the rainwater can flow, baby, flow. 

Does your property

need refreshing?

Contact us to schedule a 15 minute bid – we can see everything from the outside.

Thanks! Message sent.