There's not much that can brighten up your space faster than clean windows. This is home base for us – how we got started. Let us give your panes some pizzazz. 

Our Process

We've all paid good money for a job that was done poorly. It's one of the most frustrating parts of finding a contractor. Window cleaning, in particular, is a relatively cheap industry to break into – unfortunately, it attracts a lot of people trying to turn a quick buck. We're in this for the long term, which means we've structured our window cleaning service with you in mind. Here's what we include in every window cleaning job.



We don't just rinse the windows – we scrub them all down with our strip washer...using only safe and non-toxic soap, of course. 



The mark of a good window cleaner: Squeegee skillz. I've been in this industry for a while and good squeegee technique is the first step.



If you've ever noticed gunk on the edges of your windows, your cleaner didn't buff them. We don't cut this corner.

We buff it.



Here's something you won't see elsewhere. We'll always clean the sill so you're not left with mud. Plus, we'll clean those 

exposed tracks for free.

Are you ready for a brighter view?

"The next day, our home was visibly brighter. We use our lights less during the day because of the extra natural light. My wife, an interior design student, loves how our windows now bring the outside landscape in."

– Henry D.

"Very thorough work, spotless finish and extremely kind service. Would use again and highly recommend."

– K.N.