Clean windows sell houses.

(Ok, not entirely. But they sure help.)

Ok, let's be real.

We know you sell houses.

You work your butt off to sell houses.

We just think you deserve a partner that works as hard as you do to gleam the place up before the photographer comes through. A lot of window cleaners are tough to schedule and require a lot of babysitting. Ain't nobody got time for that (certainly not you). You also don't have budget to pay an arm and a leg for cleaning tasks that won't even matter to the sale.  

 Here's what you do need (probably). 


Windows Cleaned

Inside and Out


This always includes cleanup

of the exposed tracks – the ones you can see when the window is closed. Nothing worse than a prospect fishing a dead bee out of your track (true story).


Bug Screens Cleaned

and/or Repaired

Bug screens collect dirt like you wouldn't believe. Dusty or damaged screens make the house look neglected and sad. Never hide a pretty window behind a ratty screen. 


Sun Screens Labeled

and Stacked 


Sunlight sells, so sun screens aren't helpful when it comes to open houses. Stacking them in the garage gives you better pictures and spares you (and the seller) the expense of having them cleaned.

We make good partners.

Our #1 goal is to be refreshing. God knows you need a little of that

...and so do your clients.

  • We're on time every time. If we're not, it's 25% off the entire invoice.​

  • We use safe, non-toxic products. Because we have allergies and so do your buyers.

  • We're super nice to work with. "Minnesota nice" – or so we've been told.

  • We're maddeningly thorough. We know your contractors are a reflection of you.


Cheryl Pocock, Realty One 

My clients love Andy. He just does a great job. He comes when he's supposed to, and I don't have to check up on him. My listings are pristine – those windows are sparkling. 


Kenny Klaus, Kenny Klaus Team

Excellent service, returns calls and did what he said he would do and even at the time he said he would do it, that's getting rarer these days. Good guy and great service.

Korey Stewart.jpg

Korey Stewart,

Selling Made Simple

Excellent service and great communication -- I will definitely be working with Andy and Creosote Window Cleaning again!


Does your property

need refreshing?

Contact us to schedule a 15 minute bid – we can see everything from the outside.

Thanks! Message sent.