Have you ever looked in your window tracks? It's pretty shudder-worthy. Dirt...grime...a dead bee? 

We clean the exposed tracks for free with our glass cleaning. Because, to be honest, we can't stand to leave you with mud.

Stay on track.

We break tracks down into two parts - Exposed and Hidden. An exposed track is the part you can always see when a window is closed (often the left side). And then there's the hidden track - hidden until you open up the window. 

During regular window cleaning, water drips down into the exposed tracks, turning the ever-present dust into mud. And since we can't stand to leave part of your home in worse shape than when we arrived, we clean up all exposed tracks and window sills free of charge, every time.  



We'll suck all the dirt, dust bunnies, and insect carcasses out of your tracks before we wet them down.



We take the clean further. We'll give every track a nice soak to loosen any remaining dust. 



Time to mop up the mess. We'll run a dry towel through the track – picking up the dirty water and leaving behind...nothing.



We get in the nooks and track crannies with microfiber and small tools to make sure everything is gone, baby, gone.

Rabbits are cute...dust bunnies are not.

"Cleaned a large 2 story home for me and did a great job inside and out. Service was excellent and price was very fair. I highly recommend them."

– Kenny K. 

"Great job with the windows inside and out! I will be using Andy in the future for all my flip projects. On time, fair prices, and extremely clean windows!"

– Zach B.